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Maker Q&A: Meet The Our Heiday Team

The soft, hand painted designs that define the Our Heiday style are distinctly recognizable. This small team started by Patricia Shen is based out of downtown LA and produces stationery, art prints, phone cases and more. Each Our Heiday item transforms the everyday into an experience of beauty and love. You can find Our Heiday in the May Parcel and also throughout our Shop Gifts section.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

How did the brand get started? 

Patricia Shen started this adventure after leaving two years of law school at UCLA, deciding that she couldn't commit her life to an endless cycle of reading briefs or contracts. So she did what all creatively-stifled, ex-law students do and started a stationery brand.

With no formal art training, Patricia whipped together her first collection out of her downtown Los Angeles loft that she shares with her husband and pup and launched the company in June 2014. Our Heiday has since expanded to a small team based in the Arts District of Los Angeles with a line that includes stationery, art prints and gift items. We focus on doing what we do with light, love, and integrity, from the initial design to the final packaging, because our customers matter. 

Patricia Shen, founder of Our Heiday

How would you define the Our Heiday aesthetic?

We like a whole lotta sophistication, sentiment, and spunk. Our products are designed to elevate the everyday, to make even the subtlest moments feel fresh and beautiful.

What do you love most about your work?

We love that every product we create is designed, produced and packaged with care and integrity. We’ve embraced the value of quality over quantity as part of our business model and it makes us so happy that every product we send out meets these standards because we really believe it makes all the difference. 

Do you have a product or project you’re most proud of?

Currently, we’re really happy with our phone cases, which add such a pop of freshness to our gadgets. We spent several months going through meticulous rounds of sample runs to make sure the designs and quality were just right before making them available for purchase. We also have so many fun products we’ve been working on over the year that we’ll be releasing at NSS2016 in just a few weeks! We hope you’ll follow along with us to see all the newness :)

Any fun facts about the team? 

Patricia started Our Heiday as a solo act, but quickly grew the team to four after the National Stationery Show last May. A fun fact is that we’re currently running Our Heiday from three different locations! Pat has been working from home in her last trimester of pregnancy. Donna currently lives in New York, and our production team is holding down the fort at the studio. We’re so thankful for our amazing team and the blessing of technology! 

What’s your definition of an amazing gift?

We think the best gifts should make the recipient feel loved and appreciated. We love giving simple but high-quality things like hand-poured candles, a fragrant bag of coffee beans from small roasters or a great skin care product - functional gifts that also feel a little indulgent. 

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