Maker Q&A: Meet Britt of Swell Press Paper

Britt Junod of Swell Press Paper gives a modern, So Cal beach vibe to her letterpress work. (You can pretty much see the ocean while standing at her letterpress. I vouch for that and am totally jealous!) Check out her greeting cards, recipe cards and place cards in the November Parcel or in the Shop Gifts section.

Bride Alert: Swell Press also does custom invitation suites with the same modern, sophisticated aesthetic.

Name: Britt Junod

Location: Manhattan Beach, CA

Tell us a bit about what you do.

I'm a designer and letterpress printer (and pretty much everything else) for Swell Press Paper Co.

How did you get started?

I took a letterpress class on a whim a few years ago as part of a New Year's resolution to do one new thing a month (the only resolution I've ever stuck with). I immediately fell in love with the process and had that 'aha' moment, where the light shone bright and angels sang, and I realized it was what I had to do with my life. Two years of letterpress classes at OTIS (School of Art & Design) and two thousand pounds of equipment later, Swell Press began.

How would you define your brand’s aesthetic/design?

Beachy, bright… fun but sophisticated.

What's inspiring you right now?

Living by the beach inspires me. I'm sure the blues and greens of the ocean and neons of the sunset are evident in my work. 

What do you love most about your work?

I love everything about it. I love getting my hands dirty. I love seeing something on a computer screen turn into a tactile thing that will be shared between people. 

Do you have a product or project you’re most proud of?

I'd say most wedding invitation suites. Starting with a conversation with a bride and throwing around ideas and then turning that into something that represents the couple that they then share with their loved ones… that is pretty special.

What are you listening to/watching right now?

When I'm printing, I listen to music all day, so I can't get enough. Beach Boys, The Beatles, Beirut, Wilco, Radiohead… and the sweet sound of Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich narrating Radiolab. 

Favorite quote?

"The cure for anything is salt water- sweat, tears or the sea." - Isak Dinesen

Any guilty pleasures?

Any breakfast scramble at our neighborhood brunch spot Four Daughters Kitchen. Buying expensive paper to experiment with. Wine. 

What’s your definition of an amazing gift?

Everyone is so pressed for time lately, so to be given something that you know took consideration is such a beautiful thing. And if it's wrapped beautifully… then that's an amazing gift. 


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